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foundationWhen you want to keep water out of your foundation, Henry has a waterproofing solution for your project. From fluid-applied to sheet-applied options, Henry waterproofing products provide the reliable protection you need. And combined with its drainage board options, you can trust Henry to keep the foundation dry and safe.

View the product selection chart below to see which Henry solution is best for your project.

Product CM100 Aqua-Bloc 770-06 Aqua-Bloc 720-38 Aqua-Bloc 720-33
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces, including "green" concrete
  • Ideal for small, confined spaces or hard-to-get-at applications, including both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Applied via squeegee or roller to create a seamless, rubber-like impervious membrane
  • Ideal for cold weather applications
  • Repairs damaged hot rubberized membranes
  • Apply via trowel or spray equipment
  • Heavy-duty seamless, rubberized, impervious membrane
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces
  • Approved for use on damp or green concrete; excellent for waterproofing ICF foundation walls
  • Apply via trowel, brush or spray equipment
  • Exceeds the requirements of CAN/CGSB 37.2; low VOC,
  • Ideal for quick backfilling requirements
  • Specifically designed for vertical application
  • Apply via spray equipment with setting agent
  • Complies with and exceeds the requirements of CAN/CGSB 37.1M; low VOC
Type Elastomeric, solvent-free, moisture cure waterproofing compound Elastomeric liquid membrane Elastometric, liquid-applied, emulsified asphalt membrane Elastometric, liquid-applied "quick setting" emulsified asphalt membrane
Application Temp Minimum of 3°C (35ºF) Minimum of -12°C Minimum of 5°C (40°F) Minimum of 5°C (40°F)
Application Method Trowel/Roller/Squeegee Trowel/Squeegee/Spray-applied Trowel/Brush/Spray-applied Brush/Spray-applied
Product 700-01 710-11 810-07
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to both damp and dry construction surfaces
  • Used as a waterproofing compound in membrane systems to control hydrostatic pressure
  • May be applied as a simple coating for dampproofing concrete and masonry
  • Ideal for insulated concrete forms (ICF), preserved wood foundations (PWF), foundation walls, footings, split-slab floors, retaining walls and wing walls
  • Bonds well to dry, frost-free masonry and concrete surfaces; particularly well adapted to spray application Impervious to sustained contact with water
  • Used as a dampproofing coating on masonry or concrete structures to control absorption and migration of moisture
  • Ideal for foundation walls, footings, split-slab floors, retaining walls, wing walls and abutments
  • Used as a dampproofing coating on masonry or concrete structures to prevent absorption and migration of dampness and moisture
  • Ideal for foundation walls, footings, retaining walls, wing walls, abutments and culverts
Application Temp Minimum of 5°C (40°F) 95°C (upper limit) 85°C (maximum)
Application Method Brush Brush/Spray-applied Brush/Spray-applied
Product Blueskin WP200
Type Self-adhering composite sheet membrane
  • SBS membrane flexible at low temperatures
  • Fully adhered system prevents lateral water movement
  • Specifically designed for self-adhering to a prepared substrate
  • No flame required
  • Factory controlled thickness
  • Negligible odor during application
  • CCMC approved
Application Temp Minimum of 5°C (40°F)
Application Method Roller/Spray-applied

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