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Flooring Maintenance and Repair

Henry/Bakor's complete line of Stone Mason® flooring maintenance and repair products provide superior options for maintaining concrete, wood and tile floor surfaces.  With your choice of primers, crackfillers, mortars and self-leveling underlayments, you can turn to Stone Mason® flooring maintenance and repair products for all your floor maintenance needs.

Choose a Stone Mason® flooring maintenance and repair solution below to see what products would meet your particular needs.


Stone Mason® primers offer a superior solution for preparing a wide range of flooring surfaces as well as wall coverings.  Additionally, they are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Liquid Crackfillers

Designed for fast repair of horizontal cracks, holes and other imperfections, Stone Mason® liquid crackfillers provide an effective solution for your concrete and masonry surfaces.

Self-Leveling Underlayments

Stone Mason® self-leveling underlayments provide a floor leveling solution without the need for a trowel or other leveling device.  Commonly used for new construction or remodeling, sel-leveling underlayments dry quickly and require no sanding or grinding.

Tile Mortars

Stone Mason® tile mortars designed to be used on various surfaces, including masonry, concrete, exterior-grade plywood, gypsum board, cement backer board, concrete block, brick, ceramic tile and cured Portland cement beds.

Floor Patching and Levelers

Designed to fill cracks, seams, joints andmore, Stone Mason® floor patching and levelers are ready-to-use, fast setting solutions for interior and exterior applications.


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