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Airport Grade™ Pot-Hole Filler

This ready-to-use compound allows do-it-yourselfers to fill potholes and cracks on an asphalt surface. Covers areas approximately 4 sq. ft. x 4 sq. ft. x 1 in. deep.


  • Ready to use; permanent repair
  • No mixing or special tools required
  • All weather – hot or cold, wet or dry

Tech Data Sheets

Black Knight® Airport Grade™ Pot Hole Filler Tech Data Sheet Download PDF Add to BES Binder    

MSDS Sheets

Black Knight® Airport Grade™ Pot Hole Filler MSDS Sheet Download PDF Add to BES Binder    


  1. Remove loose debris from the hole. Remove any water from the hole.

  2. Apply with a shovel or trowel in 5 cm (2") layers.

  3. Press down repaired area with a shovel. Compact with tamper or drive over patch several times to fully compact. You can not over compact. If patch seems soft it needs more compaction.


  • Wait up to 90 days before applying driveway sealer.

  • Can be applied in any temperature.

  • To accelerate hardening and prevent tracking, dust compacted surface with sand or cement.

Most asphalt repairs including Pot-Hole Filler are not to be used on depressions. Use Black Knight® Airport Grade™ Depression Filler for this type of application. In cold weather, heat Pot-Hole Filler to room temperature before using.

Follow label directions.

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